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Saved in Childbearing? [1 Timothy Pt. 10]

Last week we began to look at what the Bible says about women in their roles in the Church.  We acknowledged that the strife between men and women and the need to be instructed in this area is actually a … Continue reading

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Women Professing Godliness [1 TImothy Pt. 9]

One of the most difficult passages in the New Testament is 1 Timothy 2:9-15. This is in large part because of the political pressures of our day, but there are also some interesting ideas here, like women being saved in … Continue reading

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Getting It Together [Understanding Spiritual Gifts pt 8]

Now it is time to tie up any loose ends and instruct the Corinthians in what it means to be the Church of Jesus Christ.  As the Apostle Paul closes this section of his epistle, this is what he does. … Continue reading

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