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What is Christian Apologetics?

Christians need to know what they believe and how to defend and share their faith! The Apostle¬† Peter made this plain as he wrote to the Christians in Asia Minor in the first century saying, ” But sanctify the Lord … Continue reading

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Saved in Childbearing? [1 Timothy Pt. 10]

Last week we began to look at what the Bible says about women in their roles in the Church.¬† We acknowledged that the strife between men and women and the need to be instructed in this area is actually a … Continue reading

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The Just Shall Live By Faith

What does it mean to be “justified?” Is it needless theological wrangle to discuss such topics with the average Christian? Actually, the idea of being justified or “right before God” is the heart of the Christian Faith. It is important … Continue reading

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Wolrdview Adjustment [Colossians Pt.6]

A classic charge against Christianity and the God of the Bible is rooted in what is often called, “The Problem of Evil.” Evil really only becomes a “problem”when we start with ourselves as the standard, assuming we are “good” and … Continue reading

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Our Need for a Savior [Advent; Week 1]

It’s that time of year again! This past Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent, the beginning our our celebration of God taking on man’s nature in order to deal with our sin. It seems there are a few different … Continue reading

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Covenant of Grace

What is the Covenant of Grace? We have been studying the Westminster Shorter Catechism in our Wednesday evening prayer meetings for the last few months. After understanding the scathing effects of the Fall on all of humanity. It seems that … Continue reading

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