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Is God Jealous? [Westminster Shorter Catechism Q52-53]

“The Lord Your  God is a jealous God…” This is a statement that troubles many. What does it mean? Is God petty and selfish as we think of jealous people? Of course not! There is a positive aspect to jealousy … Continue reading

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The Second Commandment [ Westminster Shorter Catechism Q 49-51]

What is the standard for worshiping God? Certainly, there must be one! Is it how I feel about it that is most important; what makes me comfortable? Is it what others are doing or have done throughout the ages? God … Continue reading

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Judging the Gods of Egypt [Exodus Pt. 11]

Why is it that God does not want any other gods to be worshiped? Some unbelievers think it is because He is petty and jealous. On the contrary, it is more because He knows what happens when people place their … Continue reading

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