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Why Do You Tempt The Lord? [Exodus Pt. 16]

Do you know any cranky Christians? Christians who seem like all they do is complain? If you answered this question with a “Yes” I would like to challenge that answer. Why Do You Tempt the Lord? – SERMON AUDIO The … Continue reading

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He Has Heard Your Complaints [Exodus Pt. 15]

God’s care for His people is without question. That does not mean that He always gives us everything we ask for or that life will always be easy. Those are the promises of the false prophets of our day, not … Continue reading

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Is God Jealous? [Westminster Shorter Catechism Q52-53]

“The Lord Your  God is a jealous God…” This is a statement that troubles many. What does it mean? Is God petty and selfish as we think of jealous people? Of course not! There is a positive aspect to jealousy … Continue reading

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What is Worship? [Exodus Pt. 14]

What is worship? Is it about style? Is it about how it makes me feel? In Exodus 15, God’s people, having been redeemed, did something pretty amazing. Immediately, after being delivered by the mighty hand of God, they began a … Continue reading

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The Lord Fights For You [Exodus Pt. 13]

What is the main theme of the Bible? It is REDEMPTION. God saving and restoring His people to a right relationship to Himself. Our own redemption, through Christ, as Christians, is pictured in God’s saving His ancient people, Israel. The … Continue reading

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