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What Is Truth? [Seminary Paper]

The question, “What is truth?” was asked by Pontius Pilate at the Trial of Jesus some two thousand years ago (Joh 18:38), yet there is really no question that is more poignant today. Though we live in a cultural climate … Continue reading

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The Food that Perishes (John 6)

After shopping, the next word that comes to mind in the days following Thanksgiving is probably leftovers. Personally, I look forward to the Thanksgiving Sandwich more than the meal-proper, but by the third or fourth day, the leftovers have certainly … Continue reading

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He Remembered His Holy Promise! (Psalm 105)

He Remembered His Holy Promise When we think of faithfulness, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it someone we know or something we have done ourselves? As human beings, we tend to like to think about … Continue reading

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Fulfill the Ministry [Colossians Pt. 22]

When you think about your walk with Christ, what is the first thing you think about? Is it something to do with what you have done like, “I believed,” “I go to church,” “I pray?” In reality, if we understand … Continue reading

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Deacons and Why Should We Obey God? [1 Timothy Pt. 14]

The Christian faith often gets a bad rap as being nothing more than a list of dos and don’ts. On the other hand, there are some who cry, “It’s not about rules. It’s about a relationship.” But you have to … Continue reading

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Fervent Prayer [Colossians Pt. 21]

How is your prayer life? Have you ever felt like it should be more dynamic, like you should be more engaged? There are many lessons to be learned in prayer, but it really is less about technique than about heart. … Continue reading

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How Can You Believe?

What is it that stands in the way of true faith? Is it that there is not enough evidence, or is there more (or less) to it than that? Actually, evidence is not in short supply, the very creation calls … Continue reading

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