Chapel Messages from C.Y.I.A. 2011

OHIO 2011

One of the funnest things I have done in a while was to be a part of training 42 youths to share the Gospel at the annual Child Evangelism Fellowship‘s Christian Youth In Action in Greenfield, OH, This is training for their summer missionaries who will be reaching children with the Gospel through 5-Day Clubs all summer long. If you know a teen or teens who would benefit from learning how to prepare a Bible lesson, teach children how to memorize Bible verses, tell missionary stories and lead songs, then you need to tell them about C.E.F.

A couple of the things that I like best about this ministry are,

  1. That they speak of sin before they speak of grace. We need to know how much we need Christ before we will ever consider the magnitude of His love displayed at Calvary.
  2. They are not taught to coerce kids into making a profession but that the Holy Spirit converts people when we faithfully give them the Gospel.
  3. They are taught to be courteous, loving and have fun with the kids as they share the Gospel with them.
  4. It is real ministry that teens can do and it makes dramatic improvements in their confidence and Christian character.

My wife and I were the head cooks at the week long training from June 19-25. It was a blast serving them as they were learning to serve Christ. But the most fun I had was in the morning chapel service where I got the opportunity to share God’s Word with them every day.  We saw the Lord at work in their hearts and minds as they sat under the preaching of God’s Word. What a blessing as I expounded the principles of Sin, the Gospel, God’s Righteous Judgment and His Amazing Grace to them!

In addition to taking them deeper into the texts of the lessons they will be teaching this summer, I also got to share some Hermeneutical principles with them. I taught them important concepts to help them interpret Scripture accurately.

You can check out the things they were taught about the Gospel in the Chapel Messages by clicking on the links below.

Zacchaeus – Luke 19:1019 (This one also has an extra 20 minutes or so on Having a Personal Devotion Time.)

Mephibosheth – 2 Samuel 9

Noah and the Flood – Genesis 6-9

Philip and the Eunuch – Acts 8:26-40

Saul’s Conversion – Acts 9:1-10

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