Psalm 114; God’s Presence

Sermons In Song

Psalm 114; God's Presence

This week at Garden City Church we had the wonderful opportunity to hear the preaching and singing of Tom Pryde and his ministry Sermons In Song. His blend of preaching and singing as he exhorts and encourages using God’s Word is truly unique. As he preached from Psalm 114 in the morning service, he challenged us to seek God’s presence in our lives. However, when God shows up things are shaken! Shaken in a such a way as to remove that which is temporary and solidify that which is eternal.

Psalms 114:7 Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, At the presence of the God of Jacob,

Do we tremble at the Presence of the Lord or do we take it for granted? Do we assume that because we have once experienced a change in our lives, albeit years ago, that we have the Presence of the Lord in our lives? Tom challenged us to see the effects of the Presence of the Lord as we examined this Psalm and other Scriptures. I encourage you to listen to the audio of his message by clicking on the link below. I pray that as you do, you are blessed with a greater desire for His Presence in your own life.

Psalm 114; God’s Presence

In the evening service, Tom gave us an overview of the Messianic Psalms as he briefly exposited Psalm 8, 22, 16, 40 and 110 and sung his original music derived from each text. What a blessing to see the richness of Revelation concerning Jesus and His Work of Redemption clearly demonstrated in the Psalms!  You can hear a few of his songs on his Sermons in Song FaceBook page.

The feedback that we got from the congregation was excellent and I would encourage you to invite him to your church and to invest in his work.

In Christ!



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