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Interpreting Scripture, Part 2

Accurate interpretation of Scripture is of the utmost importance. If we are to live in a way that pleases God we need to understand what He has said. Last time at Donuts & Doctrine we looked at the basics of … Continue reading

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Two Messages from Jonah 2 [Pt. 3&4]

Even in his rebellion, Jonah can teach us all quite a lot about good prayer. Chapter 2 is a chapter that deals with his repentance. Though he is still not happy about his calling, it is here that he realizes … Continue reading

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God is in Control [Jonah, Pt. 2]

Does God Care? Is He able to overcome evil in the world? Does He limit His intervention because He does not want to infringe on human free will? These are questions that many ask about God and His interaction with … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Peace

When I was first saved, I came into the Church to find what I would call an obsession with the concept of Spiritual Warfare. Books were being written about it, Bible Studies were dedicated to it and and everyone seemed to be concerned about the “principalities and powers” that were at work in the world around us. Continue reading

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