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Interpreting Scripture

We had a good turnout for our monthly Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study called Donuts & Doctrine. Our subject this month (and probably for the next few months) was interpreting Scripture. Some people may say, “I don’t interpret Scripture, I … Continue reading

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To Each One [Understanding Spiritual Gifts Pt.2]

Once we have determined the purpose of the Gifts of the Spirit, i.e. unification of the body, edification of its members and ultimately the glorification of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:7), we turn next to understanding what they are and who … Continue reading

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Mortification of Sin [Chapters 5-6]

This is part 3 of the continuing series on Sunday nights covering material from the consummate English Theologian John Owen on the Subject of The Mortification of Sin in Believers. Here we covered chapters 5-6. MORTIFICATION PT. 3 9-26-2010 Covering … Continue reading

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Unified, Edified, Glorified [Understanding Spiritual Gifts Pt.1]

We have begun a new series on the topic of understanding the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit.” Continuing from the theme of discipleship which we finished last week, it is a fitting series to embark upon. Being disciples of Jesus … Continue reading

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Following Jesus [Part 5, Making Disciples]

Over the last four weeks we have seen the characteristics of a disciple. Now we see the work of a Disciple. As you probably have heard the old preacher’s question, “What in heaven’s name are you doing here on earth?” … Continue reading

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