Mortification of Sin

John Owen

Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers

We are currently working our way through one of the great puritan works of all time, John Owen’s Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers. This work deals with the duty and power of the Christian to overcome sin. Not in a “Perfectionistic” sense, but gaining true victory over the sin that would dominate our lives. It is very practical and should be read and understood by every Christian. I will be adding audio of our evening service as we study through it over the next couple of months. I hope you find it helpful.

Covering the first two chapters of the work;
Chapter 1 An exposition of Romans 8:13 where we are called
to the duty and shown the source of our power to
accomplish it, the Spirit.
Chapter 2 An exposition of Colossians 3:5 on the nature of
indwelling sin.
Covering chapters 3-4 of the work;
Chapter 3 Looking again at Romans 8:13 and the necessity
of the Holy Spirit in the work of mortification. Contrasting the
means and the end in our duty as it relates to the Spirit and
our ability to wage the fight.
Chapter 4 Looking at Galatians 5:16-25 and understanding the
contrary principles at work in us, the flesh and the Spirit. These
are contrary to one another. Understanding that unless we deal
with sin in our lives we will never have power if comfort in our
Christian lives.

In Christ!


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