The Exhortation!

   Looking once more at the second chapter of 1 Thessalonians we see
that as the Apostle moves from encouragement to instruction he
continues to call them back to his own example as a pattern for godly

1 Thessalonians 2:10

You are witnesses,
and God also, how devoutly and justly and blamelessly we behaved
ourselves among you who believe;

It is not just behavior for behavior’s sake that he is
looking for. It is the evidence of saving faith that lives are changed
and desires are redirected from the world to the things of God. Paul’s
great motherly love and fatherly exhortations point these Christians
toward “walking worthy” of the God who has saved them. (1 Thessalonians 2:12)

What was the Apostle’s method of moving these
believers toward maturity?

It began with his own example before them as we have already seen. His motherly love, tender caring, unceasing labor opened the door for this Gospel as he came and preached to them and built them up in the faith. His fatherly affection also caused him to Exhort, comfort and charge them to follow him in his example and to love and work and encourage and charge others to this kind of life.  The ultimate goal was to walking worthy of the God who has called them.

What does it
mean to “walk worthy?” 

From the idea of the “charge” that the Apostle Paul gave to them and the idea of the worthy walk we see that the redeemed have a “duty” to live lives that glorify God. That’s right, Christians have a duty that goes beyond mere belief! If they truly understand the nature of God and His Gospel it must compel them to live differently! Walk is a euphemism in the Bible for lifestyle. A lifestyle born out of duty toward God for His abundant mercy is what Paul was directing them toward by both his example and his teaching.

Do you recognize and live by this idea of duty toward God or are you just winging it and believing that God has forgiven you without giving you the desire to “walk worthy” of Him? 

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The Exhortation – 1 Thessalonians 2:7-12

The Exhortation – 1 Thessalonians 2:7-12

In Christ!


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