ADVENT Week 1 – Creation and The Fall

   I have been looking forward to this season especially this year. We are very pleased to be a part of the church down here in Lima. It is their first time celebrating Advent and so far they are very open to it. Providentially it has worked out that the bulletins that were ordered before I was called had an advent wreath on the cover. Providentially it looked almost exactly like the wreath that I made and set at the front of the church for the occasion. God is good and He is certainly a God of the Details!

   As we begin the Advent season we are looking forward to our celebration
of God being made flesh. It is not like the stores moving holiday
decorating from Thanksgiving to Halloween to try and extend the
shopping season. We are beginning today in order to give proper time to
build a foundation on which we can rest our celebration of the
Incarnation. Historically Advent has provided this foundation by
looking at Creation and The Fall, Prophecy, The First Coming (or
Advent) of Christ and His Return before we turn to the Babe in the
manger. Filling our hearts and minds with God’s truth about just Who He
is helps us to keep our focus at this time of year when so many have
lost sight of what is supposed to be celebrated.

   This Sunday being the
first Sunday of Advent we looked at Genesis 3 and Creation and the Fall
of Man as the precursor to our need for the Messiah! Many who deny the validity of sin and its effects on the world readily dismiss the idea of the fall and its effects on the world. This is really what makes the world make the most sense. Men who are unwilling to admit this ultimately deny God Himself because they cannot justify the idea of a benevolent Creator and a world filled with misery. A good look at Genesis 3 dispels that misconception. Open your heart and mind to hear it and it becomes plain as day.

George Whitefield, a preacher from early America tells us “The
fall of man is written in too legible characters not to be understood:
Those that deny it, by their denying, prove it. The very heathens
confessed, and bewailed it: They could see the streams of corruption
running through the whole race of mankind, but could not trace them to
the fountain-head. Before God gave a revelation of his Son, man was a
riddle to himself. And Moses unfolds more, in this one chapter than all
mankind could have been capable of finding out of themselves, though
they had studied to all eternity.”

I pray that you would see the creation as it is revealed to us in Scripture and that in seeing you would see God’s sovereign plan being worked out and your need of His great mercy even in these sometimes difficult truths.

Audio  of this sermon is available on the following websites: on the Sermons Page;
Creation and The Fall – Genesis 3:1-21
Creation and The Fall
– Genesis 3:1-21

In Christ!

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