Dressed for Battle

Well, my first real series of messages is under my belt. I have enjoyed immensely bring this set of foundational truths to my church. If nothing more I know that they know just where I am coming from now. I believe that they have benefited more than just in getting to know my mind though. Feedback has been great!

In the final installment of the mini series on The Believer’s Warfare
we took a close look at the classic passage on the subject, Ephesians
. Here I have taken a more practical approach than you have
probably heard in the past. Building on the foundation of both the
previous messages Knowing Our Enemy and The Weapons of Our Warfare and also the text of the Book of Ephesians that leads up to
this passage we will get a real sense of what is actually going on

How would you like to know whether you possess this armor and how
to know for sure that you are able to use it as God has intended? This is one of the most practical messages that I have preached. My job as a pastor is to take that systematic and historical theology and turn in into practical or pastoral theology. As J. Vernon used to say, to “put the cookie jar on the bottom shelf so the kiddies can get it.” I realize that Spiritual Warfare as you may understand it does not sound like it is that kind of thing. But it is and it should be. If you are the ordinary soldier you should be equipped with what you need to fight the everyday fight of faith.

In this message we will examine each piece of the Armor as well as what it means to put it on and how it becomes effective. I then close with a brief look at the attitude of the warrior. I believe that this is foundational truth for every Believer in Jesus Christ.

it a listen and let me know if this does not clear up some fuzziness
that you may have had regarding this subject.

Audio is available on the following websites:

1in1000.org on the Sermons Page
Dressed for Battle  –  Ephesians 6:10-18

Dressed for Battle  –  Ephesians 6:10-18

In Christ!

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