Love’s Confrontation

Well, it seems like I have been preaching through John’s Gospel forever and now it is over and I wonder where the time has gone.
When John’s account of Jesus’ life and his suffering for sin was
completed by his relating of the resurrection it still was not over. The
last chapter of his Gospel is the perfect capstone. After all, the
Gospel is so much more than just a great story of sacrifice, it is the
real benefit of that sacrifice that is demonstrated as Jesus seeks out
Peter and brings him to the place of realizing the magnitude of his sin
and the magnitude of Jesus’ forgiveness. This is the part of the story
that we need not just to hear but experience!

Peter’s experience needs to be our own. He has a pretty good resumé of failures. (I do too!) The final one was when he publicly denied that he was Jesus’ disciple as He was being interrogated by the high priest, and yet Jesus came to him after His resurrection as he was fishing with a few other disciples on the sea of Galilee and made a point of personally restoring him. Restoration, forgiveness and hope, this is what we should all have in mind when others sin against us. This is what Jesus had in mind when He came to Peter and also to those of us who have found that exact same forgiveness for our own resumé of failure.

I pray that as you listen to the message you realize that this is Jesus’ intention; to restore, forgive and give hope and that you might find that in Him.

Audio of this message is available on the following websites; on the Sermons Page
Love’s Confrontation – John 21
Love’s Confrontation – John 21

In Christ!

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