In The World

Wow! This was a pretty intense one as I preached on July 19th as a
candidate at Billings Bible Church up in Beaverton, MI. I decided to go
back into the 17th chapter of John for this one and I am glad that I
did. I had wanted to dig a little more into that chapter but I did not
feel that it was the right message for the folks at the senior center. 
As I looked more closely I felt that the Lord would have me share it
with with the folks at Billings.

 As Jesus prays for all who would believe through the words of the Disciples He says some amazing things, like “I
have given them Your word; and the world has hated them because they
are not of the world,just as I am not of the world.” “I do not pray
that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep
them from the evil one.”
What? You mean to tell me that Jesus does
not want me to have an easy life with no worries? Really? I am supposed
to continue on in a world that hates me and that is what Jesus intended
for me? That’s not what Joel Osteen told me!

  We as American
Christians live pretty soft and wimpy lives. Jesus has a purpose for
persecution and rather than just give it all up right here I am going
to challenge you to listen to this one! I would love some feedback on
this message once you have heard it.

Audio is available on these websites; on the Sermons Page
In The World – John 17:14-19
In The World – John 17:14-19

In Christ!

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