Life is Good!

Well,  19 days since my last entry. I guess I have been slacking! Things have been pretty crazy in the Hoffman family that last few weeks. The kids all got back from C.Y.I.A. training (Child Evangelism Fellowship – for conducting 5 Day Clubs) at about midnight last night. The boys were there for two weeks and Rachel for one. Rhonda and I went for a few days to help in the kitchen. It was very cool to see so many young people sold out for the Gospel!

Anyway. This message I actually preached on June 20 at the senior center and it is the next in the series from the Gospel of John.
This is still Jesus encouraging the disciples just before the cross in John15:18-16:15.  Before Jesus went to the cross He promised His disciples that theywould suffer persecution. As He was confirming the promises of theGospel to them on the eve of His crucifixion this was among them.

AsAmericans we are truly blessed in the sense that our founding fatherscame from a culture of persecution and protected us from a lot of thatkind of thinking as they framed our country’s governing documents. Insome sense though having been protected from it we have become soft andimpure. Looking through the history of the Church, this and otherpromises that Jesus made to his disciples and through them to theChurch, we should recognize how good we have it as we see Jesus’ wordsfulfilled throughout history and all around us. Why would Jesus promise and foreordain that His people would suffer? This sure throws a wrench in the health and wealth gospel that is so popular in our time. He did promise persecution. He even said that the world would hate us and that when they killed us they would think that they were doing God a favor. This has been going on for millennia but it is nothing to preoccupy true believers. Christ will build His Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.

I pray that as you listen to this message that you it invokes some gratitude and some awareness that for the American Christian in the 21st century, LIFE IS GOOD! Now take God’s blessings and spread them around!

Audio of this message is available on these websites; on the Sermons Page
Life is Good – John 15:18-16:15

Life is Good – John 15:18-16:15

In Christ!

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