What’s the Plan?

On June 7 I also got to preach at Vanderbilt Community Church. This time my text was James 4:13-17 and with all of our plans up in the air with the sale of our home and seeking a pastorate, I think this one was for Rhonda and me!
In this text, James confronts some folks in the Church as he writes to them and tells
then that their plans do not include God. We all make plans. Planning
is good. But sometimes we forget that God has the authority to override
our plans. James gives us practical wisdom for planning and trusting
God even when our plans fail.

I am not saying that our plans have not included God, but that at times it is tough to see where His is taking us. James makes trusting God practical and takes away all of our excuses for not doing what we should once we have understood how He governs our situation. In all of the talk about plans and God’s sovereignty in them he concludes this section with a profound statement. “Therefore, he who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17) This almost seems out of place in a text about making plans. If  you want to see how it all fits together, listen to the message!

Audio of this message is available on these websites;

1in1000.org on the Sermons Page
What’s the Plan? – James 4:13-17

What’s the Plan? – James 4:13-17

In Christ!

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