The Promise of Peace

Sorry for the delay between posts, My family and I made a trip to Eau Claire, WI for an interview with a church that is looking for a pastor. I have also been doing some preaching in Northern MI and so I will have a lot to share in the next few posts.

I will begin with the sermon that I preached at the seniors home before we left a week and a half ago.

I have been preaching through John’s Gospel and my message on May 30 was from John 14:8-31. If you have been following along you may remember that Jesus is at this point relating to His disciples what will happen in the next few hours as He is betrayed and crucified. They have finished the meal back in Chapter 12 and a discussion is taking place where He is encouraging them and guarding them so that when the dark hour comes that they will continue to trust Him in the face of their disappointment and confusion.  He is about to be taken from them
and they still do not realize that His tragic death is imminent. He
gives them a solid foundation upon which to base their faith as the endure this
coming trial. As we endure our own trials it is helpful
to go back to these foundational principles that we may find His peace!

of Deity

foundation of the Christian faith for 2,000 years!

of Miracles

miracles and those of the Apostles are the foundation of the Bible
giving it God’s authority as it was being written

of the Spirit

which convicts us of our need for Christ and convinces us of the
truth of His Word.

guarantee of our inheritance.

of Life

hope of all who trust in Him through the resurrection of Jesus from
the dead.

of Obedience

assurance that we have obtained the Reward

The Giving of Peace

all of this is given a peace that guards the hearts of those who
have trusted in Jesus

These principles are laid out for us in Jesus discourse in the text of John 14. I pray that as you listen to the message that you find peace in them as well!

Audio of this message is available on the following websites; on the Sermons Page
The Promise of Peace – John 14:8-31
The Promise of Peace – John 14:8-31

In Christ!

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