Heroes and Heretics Part 9 – John Calvin and “Calvinism”


I apologize for taking so long to get this one posted. You will find that I have not gotten all of the audio posted yet as well. This was an unusually long lesson due to the fact that I wanted to be complete in the cultural and historical presentation of the doctrines of “Calvinism” better stated, “The Doctrines of the Reformed Faith.”

John Calvin is a pivotal character in history. His contribution to the Church and to Western culture is immeasurable and though he is often vilified no one with any knowledge of history and culture can deny his positive influence on both. Rather than ramble on teaching what I have already taught at the meeting I would encourage you to listen to the audio from the first part and I will get the rest up as I have time to edit the audio.

Audio from the Lesson is available here;

1in1000 website on the Sermons Page
John Calvin and Calvinism – PART A

In Christ!

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