Stand Up For Jesus

As we follow the narrative in John 9 we see the man who was blind from birth and was healed by Jesus as he is almost immediately brought to the leaders of the Jews. His
testimony of healing becomes a trial and he is strongly urged to deny
the one who has opened his eyes.

As Christians we live in a culture
that puts this same pressure on us in many ways though certainly not to
the degree that this man experienced it. The man who was born blind and
was healed by Jesus stood his ground in the face of unbeatable
hostility and power. He was “cast out” for his faith in Jesus, the One
who was from God and had healed him. This casting out was a formal
excommunication, a loss of all privileges as a Jew. He was banished
from his community for his testimony of Christ.

What are you willing to
sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel?
What would you give up to
maintain your testimony?

I fear that most of us as Christians in America have no clue as to what this level of persecution would be like. We are often resistant to sharing our faith with far less severe consequences.  Whereas we might receive an insult or just be brushed off in our attempt yet we are often much more timid than this man was. 

It may be that at some point in the not so distant future that we will need this man’s zeal and courage. It may be that as Christianity becomes less of a force in our culture, as it apparently is, (See Article in USA Today) that the boldness of our witness will become more necessary and that our willingness to make real sacrifices to get the Gospel will make the difference as to whether it goes out at all.

I pray that you feel the urgency with which you should preach the Gospel to those around you as listen.

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Stand Up For Jesus – John 9:8-41

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Stand Up For Jesus – John 9:8-41

In Christ!

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