Man’s Suffering and God’s Sovereignty

 As we make our way into John chapter nine I wanted to stop for a moment and try to gain a Biblical understanding of an important issue for Christians and non-Christians alike.  In John 9 Jesus uses a man born blind in order to show the people His
power. This man had been blind his whole life and this was determined by God
for this very purpose.

Is that fair?
Can God do that?

Our sensibilities
may be offended at the thought that God would not only allow, but cause
such a situation. How do we view suffering in light of the presence of
a loving God? This is one of the classic complaints of atheists and
agnostics, that suffering demonstrates that God either does not exist
or is not loving. If He was He would have to end all suffering.

Is this really the case?
What does the Bible say?
What should our
attitude be?

God has revealed my own attitude in this over the past couple of weeks. With financial woes and an extra helping or two of car troubles I saw my own attitude slip more than once. It is important to remind ourselves that God is in control even when we are experiencing things that really are difficult and to trust Him at all times, especially when things are tough. If we take the situation into our own hands and don’t look for God’s purpose in it we will in some sense be denying His authority over us. That is called rebellion.

I pray that as you listen to this one that you allow the Scripture and the Holy Spirit to speak to you and that you might come to a greater level of trust and acceptance of God’s purpose in your own life.

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Man’s Suffering – God’s Sovereignty  –  John 9:1-7

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Man’s Suffering – God’s Sovereignty  –  John 9:1-7

In Christ!

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