Stewardship, not just stuff, but living as a servant of Christ!

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to preach at the Detroit Rescue Mission and to talk to the men about stewardship. Someone asked me later that day, “Why would you talk to men in a rescue mission about being a good steward when they have no “stuff” to take care of?”

Stewardship is not just taking care of “stuff.” That is a part of it, but as I studied through the text of Luke’s Gospel and saw how the Lord related stewardship to serving Him with our whole life, I found that it is a concept that is applicable to everyone’s Christian life whether they have little or a lot. It is even more relevant to those of us who struggle with having our own “needs” met as Jesus calls us to give up what we do have and give alms. (Luke 12:33)

Stewardship is really just serving Christ and others before serving ourselves. The old Sunday School song comes to mind, “Jesus and Others and You, what a wonderful way to spell JOY…” Living as a servant or slave to a Master who loves us and wants what is best for us, yet holds high expectations for us as we serve is not usually how we look at the Christian life in our day and culture, but it certainly is what Christ is saying as he give the kingdom parables in Luke’s Gospel from chapters 12-18.

I hope that you enjoy listening to this one and that it provokes you to a greater desire to be a slave for Christ even as the Apostle Paul so often referred to himself!

Luke 17 Stewardship

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