Heroes and Heretics Part 3, Athanasius and the Deity of Christ

As we progress in our series on the Heroes and Heretics of the History of the Church we find a very interesting little man named Athanasius. I say an interesting little man because history tells us that he was about 4′ tall and black making him rather recognizable in his day. We do not see him in this way today. He is a giant in the History of the Church who as a mere deacon at the first Church Council was able to preserve an accurate understanding of the natures of Jesus as they are shown in the Bible and as the Apostles handed them down to the Church.

We will get some background as to the culture and times in this lesson and then hear a little from the pen of Athanasius himself as he writes about the necessity of Jesus being God in the flesh in order to accomplish the salvation of men who have fallen into spiritual death and greatly marred the image of God in which they were created.

I hope that you enjoy this lesson and have the confidence in the basic doctrine of Christ’s deity, knowing that this teaching comes through the Church from the earliest days and is drawn completely from the Bible. You will also know what was really discussed at the Council of Nicea and where Constantine fits into the Church and the formation of doctrine.

Athanasius and the Deity of Christ

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