Heroes and Heretics Part 2 Tertullian and the Trinity

In this installment of the Heroes and Heretics Series we look primarily at Tertullian, an early Church Father who coined nearly a thousand words in Latin to express the ideas he  found in the Bible. Again, looking at the Words of Jesus and the Apostles, he ably exegeted our New Testament and came up with words like Trinity to describe the relationship he saw in the Godhead.

There is some amazing history here with many direct application to our day. I hope that you enjoy this lesson as much as I enjoyed preparing it.

Many cults and even some Christians look with suspicion at this doctrine. Most are at best misinformed others are just flat out deceptive as they try to convince us that Constantine invented this doctrine at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD.

We will see that this doctrine was thoroughly developed in the early 200’s….

Listen to the lesson and see whether this can even be disputed.

Tertullian and the Trinity

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