Heroes and Heretics Part 1 The 2nd Century Apologists

Here is a series that I think will be very helpful in understanding a few things;

  1. We will see from history how we came to understand orthodox Christian truths.

  2. We will learn what brought about the formulation of those truths, the refutation of the errors of that day and what God had in the plan as He allowed those.

  3. We will learn about the heroes and villains of each era as we pass through them and learn from their examples.

In this lesson we look at early heresies like Gnosticism, Marcionism and Montanism and see how men like Justin Martyr, Ireneus and others used what they termed, “the writings of the prophets, the words of the Lord and the Apostles” to refute the new theological inventions of those early heretics.

Here is the audio for the Heroes and Heretics Series from the Got Doctrine? Meeting in February2nd.

2nd Century Apologists
Part 1 Part 2

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